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ADVA Optical Networking makes networking solutions designed to transport data, storage, voice and video signals at native speeds and lowest latency. ADVA’s products are the building blocks for tomorrow’s networks, enabling the transport of increasing amounts of data across the globe. From the access to the metro core to the long haul, ADVA create intelligent, software-automated solutions that will provide future generations with networks that can scale to meet increasing bandwidth demands.

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It’s all about the network

Most industries today require bandwidth in volumes most never imagined. From financial institutions to new-media companies, and from Research & Education organizations to service providers who enable connectivity across the board, ADVA have enjoyed success because their platforms address the need for the fastest, highest-capacity and most agile networks available.

Connectivity is critical

This need for connectivity is shared across industry verticals and across continents. While networks are adapting to enable more advanced infrastructure approaches to sending and receiving data, the fundamental need for access to that data remains. Organisations must transport data to locations both far and near, and they rely on their networks to keep them connected at all times.

Bringing people together

This 24×7 requirement for network connectivity makes ADVA tick. The company employs over 1,700 professionals around the globe who have developed an understanding that networks must enable always-on applications that fuel our industries and that keep us entertained. Behind every network is a community of people with a need to communicate. Connecting people is what drives ADVA’s business.


Scalable optical transport

Can you scale for profitable growth?

Service providers and enterprises are faced with an increasingly complex networking environment. The continued surge in bandwidth demand combined with growing expectations to access data-intensive applications wherever you are and with the lowest latency possible is rapidly changing our global networks. To ensure continued profitability, it’s vital that networks are built on a scalable optical foundation that can grow with changing business demands. ThFSP 3000 is designed for this purpose.

FSP 3000 AgileConnect™

The FSP 3000 AgileConnect™ is a scalable optical transport solution designed to respond to today’s booming bandwidth demands while minimizing costs. Whether you’re a service provider or an enterprise, the modular design of our FSP 3000 AgileConnect™ ensures your networks are built on a flexible WDM foundation. Our FSP 3000 AgileConnect™ provides multi-layer provisioning for seamless end-to-end connectivity from the access to the metro and on to long haul.

FSP 3000 CloudConnect™

The FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ is an all-new optical transport solution that has been built directly with the industry. We’ve worked closely with major internet content providers (ICPs) and cloud service providers (CSPs) to develop a technology that meets stringent density, security and energy demands. Our FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ is the industry’s only truly open data center interconnect (DCI) solution. With a disaggregated and open line system (OLS) architecture, it offers the configuration flexibility to address a wide range of DCI applications with best-in-class metrics.

FSP 3000 AccessConnect™

Designed from the ground up to reduce installation footprint, capital and operational expenses, the FSP 3000 AccessConnect™ enables high-speed, intelligent fiber access architecture. Engineered to support the latest advances in optical technologies, it provides a highly compact, pay-as-you-grow modular solution. Now network designers can use a single set of hardware across multiple access applications, minimizing deployment complexity and reducing capital and operational expenses.

Packet edge and aggregation

It started with Ethernet

Ethernet is widely applied as carrier-class access technology. With the addition of IP and tunneling capabilities to packet edge devices, a variety of new business services can be offered. The FSP 150 Carrier Ethernet and IP transport solution enables you to deliver MEF-certified Carrier Ethernet services and IP connectivity with carrier-class performance, scalability and resiliency. Whether you’re offering mobile backhaul, business services or open access, the FSP 150 family is the market’s first ubiquitous access platform that enables profitable and differentiated Ethernet and IP services. Designed for demarcation, aggregation and hosting of software appliances, the solution is optimised for cost-efficient transport over fibre, copper and TDM networks.

ADVA can provide demarcation solutions in a number of different areas, including:

  Carrier Ethernet demarcation
  Programmable demarcation
  Edge aggregation
  Edge computing

Network virtualisation

An open architecture for transformation

We are leading the virtualisation transformation with this powerful Ensemble solution. Ensemble provides best of breed products and tools for networking, operations and choice, all designed to power the telco cloud transformation. The Ensemble product suite provides an open and pure-play network functions virtualisation (NFV) platform that brings virtualised services to life.

Ensemble Connector

The award-winning Ensemble Connector is a highly scalable, high-performance virtualisation platform for hosting multi-vendor VNFs. It enables pure-play virtualisation: open software running on open commercial off-the-shelf servers. This eliminates vendor lock-in so that service providers are free to mix and match best-of-breed software and hardware. Pure-play virtualisation means total choice – choice of software, hardware and where to locate functionality to best suit the business needs of the provider.

Ensemble Director

The Ensemble Director is a management platform for the creation and deployment of virtualised services. It gives operators visibility into, and control of, their virtualised resources. It also provides fault, configuration, performance and security management capabilities, and interfaces with existing OSS/BSS systems leveraging standard interfaces. What’s more, the Ensemble Director provides SDN control of virtual networking. It’s the missing piece to operationalise and manage NFV at scale.

Ensemble Orchestrator

The award-winning Ensemble Orchestrator is created to help communication service providers design and deploy virtualised services in their networks. Ensemble Orchestrator provides flexible VNF and network service on-boarding along with policy-driven automation for quick and reliable service creation, activation and assurance. And the cherry on top: Ensemble Orchestrator works and is affordable.

Network infrastructure assurance

Higher service availability with fibre monitoring with the ALM Series

Optical fibres carry huge amounts of bandwidth, representing thousands or even millions of concurrent end-customer services. Any disruption of a fibre link can have tremendous impact.

ADVA’s ALM Series is a vital tool for service providers aiming to deliver superior performance. Designed for maximum power efficiency, it provides real-time, in-service fibre monitoring of the entire optical plant, enabling operators to know immediately if and where issues arise. With the ADVA ALM, operators can avoid unsuccessful repair attempts, prevent outages and enhance customer experience. This simple solution requires no active, onsite equipment at the remote site as it can be configured to passively monitor access services. Eliminating active demarcation further reduces cost and frees operators to deploy the ADVA ALM in even the most extreme environmental conditions.

Simplify testing with lab automation with the Media Cross Connect Series

Whether it’s new product development, software verification, pre-sales support or post-sale customer service, the efficiency of a test lab affects a business’ bottom line. Bringing new products to market faster or solving problems more quickly gives any organisation a competitive advantage.

Labour savings realised by the elimination of manual cabling for tests and test configurations can range from hours to weeks over the course of a year. Testing from home, verification or de-bugging problems remotely and sharing equipment among several organisations or sites are just a few of the cost-saving, efficiency-enhancing programs the Media Cross Connect will empower you to deploy.

Highly resilient access to network management with the LX Series

Network failures and concurrent outages of the network management system are a nightmare for any network operator. Fault isolation requires field services to visit sites and analyse the network node by node. All the while, the clock is ticking as network unavailability impacts mission-critical processes. Out-of-band connectivity to management systems is now more valuable than ever. With detailed, real-time information from any node in the network, failures are easily localised and counteraction immediately initiated.

An out-of-band networking infrastructure management solution practically eliminates the need for personnel to be physically located with remote network equipment. This capability to monitor and control devices from a central location reduces truck rolls and enables staff members to spend more time maximising their skills, instead of traveling to remote location to perform basic tasks. The LX Series out-of-band networking solutions offer a low cost of entry and provide rapid return on investment, with costs being recovered after just a few avoided visits to a remote location.

Automated network management

Who said networks have to be complex?

There’s a misconception that networks need to be complex and time-consuming to manage. We fundamentally disagree. This network management suite is built to reduce complexity, and ultimately the cost of network operations. We provide a unified platform for network operations that empowers service providers and enterprises to holistically and cost-effectively ensure availability and high quality for their services and applications.

FSP Service Manager

The FSP Service Manager was built as a direct response to ADVA’s customers’ requests. It delivers previously unattainable levels of service provisioning and control across your entire network. Unlike the current hardware-centric approach to networks, the FSP Service Manager challenges the rules. Its service-based management enables you to actively track, manage and support your network from your desk. Complete control at the click of a button.

FSP Network Manager

The days of sending engineers to remote locations to fix problems are almost behind us. The FSP Network Manager is designed to keep your engineers busy on developing the network, as opposed to fixing it. From your desk, you can now effectively find and isolate issues using advanced diagnostics. User-defined sorting and filtering functions for service monitoring and assurance assist you in generating customised reports for in-depth event analysis.

FSP Network Hypervisor

Communications service providers (CSPs) want to give their customers the greater flexibility and agility that comes from hosting data and applications in the cloud. What they don’t want is for those advantages to be lost due to slow and inefficient provisioning of connectivity. They can no longer rely on manual processes. Networks must now be able to dynamically connect businesses and scale bandwidth in real time. Central orchestration is the model for the future and transport networks need a way to seamlessly make the shift to this agile and cost-effective control architecture.

Ensemble Portal

As well as ensuring optimum service availability, one of the key challenges for today’s carriers is providing the data needed to verify service level agreements (SLAs). With comprehensive network monitoring, carriers can deliver highly reliable transport services as well as tailored SLA reporting to show precisely how customer demands are being met. The Ensemble Portal gathers data from multiple technologies across the entire network, enables operators to instantly deal with issues, monitor network trends and improve service delivery.


In today’s rapidly changing environment, communication service providers (CSPs) face many challenges. They must find ways to reduce their operating costs while keeping an increasingly sophisticated and demanding customer base happy. What’s more, with competition always on the increase, they face mounting pressure to improve time to revenue. This pushes CSPs to look for tools that enable them to rapidly reduce new service activation times, increase the quality of service they offer and, at the same time, improve their diagnostic capabilities in order to minimise network faults and reduce repair time.

The Pro-Vision® solution delivers full lifecycle service management with a unified network view, enabling operators to efficiently offer and support next-generation services in SDN-enabled networks.

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