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Lantronix Inc. is a global leader in secure communication technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Out of Band Management (OOBM). The company’s hardware and software solutions simplify remote access, management, and control of virtually any electronic device regardless of location.

Lantronix significantly simplifies the development, deployment, and management of IoT projects while providing reliability and security across hardware and software solutions, allowing its customers to provide intelligent, reliable, and secure IoT and OOBM solutions.

With three decades of proven experience in creating robust machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies and OOBM solutions, Lantronix is an innovator in enabling its customers to build new business models, leverage greater efficiencies and realise the possibilities of the Internet of Things.

Their innovative solutions are deployed inside millions of machines, data centres, offices, and remote sites serving a wide range of industries, including energy & utilities, IT infrastructure/data centre, agriculture, healthcare, security,  manufacturing, distribution, transportation, retail, financial, government and many more.

Sol Distribution is a registered distributor of the complete suite of Lantronix products and services throughout the UK and Ireland.

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Out of Band Management

Access your network remotely and increase your network resilience.Remote Management of IT Infrastructure. Increased Network Resiliency. No More Downtime! Lantronix’s innovative and state of the art Out of Band Management (OOBM) Solutions for IT infrastructure offer streamline remote management of network, server and power infrastructure, in data centres and remote branch offices and remote sites, ensuring business continuity, secure and reliable access.

Data Centre Solutions – In-band and out-of-band management solutions for IT equipment in data centres, network edges, co-locations, remote sites, branch offices and engineering test labs, providing an alternative path to network devices when the primary network is down.

Branch Office/Remote Management Solutions – Lantronix’s branch office management solutions provide real time visibility and control over branch office and remote site IT equipment securely and quickly allowing ensuring business continuity during unplanned network outages and cyber security attacks.

KVM Solutions – Lantronix secure KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solutions provide server management over an IP network, enabling administrators to gain BIOS-level access to servers to perform maintenance and solve problems from virtually anywhere at a moment’s notice – regardless of location.

External Gateways

Lantronix’s portfolio of External Gateways includes a wide range of solutions designed to deliver secure wired and wireless connectivity for virtually any device. From medical devices to industrial machinery, Lantronix provides OEMs and system integrators with secure enterprise-class solutions that provide network connectivity, remote device management, cloud connectivity, and edge analytics for brownfield equipment and next generation connected devices.

Device Servers – Lantronix serial to Ethernet device servers provide network-connect end devices and products that make networking more effective for businesses. Lantronix is at the forefront of M2M communication technology.  The company is highly focused on enabling the networking of devices previously not on the network so they can be accessed and managed remotely. Device servers are used to better facilitate varying applications such as data acquisition, M2M wireless communication/networking, factory/industrial automation, security systems, bar code readers and point-of-sale scanners and medical applications.

Device Gateways – From medical devices to industrial machinery, Lantronix provides OEMs and system integrators with secure enterprise-class solutions that provide network connectivity, remote device management, cloud connectivity, and edge analytics for brownfield equipment and next generation connected devices. Lantronix next generation IoT device gateways allows you to connect your business-critical assets and data securely to your enterprise wireless and cellular networks. The advanced turnkey design provides everything you need for secure connectivity.

Telematics devices – Cellular telematic gateways with multiple interface and IP 68 tiny tracking devices for fleet management market.

Sensors & POC Kit – Deploy your IoT application in no time with our ready to use PoC kit and add our wide  range of wired & wireless Sensors as well as our LPWAN LoRaWan long battery life Nodes to collect data on the field.

xPrint Servers – The award-winning Lantronix xPrintServer family of mobile printing solutions is designed to support more than 4,000 printers and work seamlessly out of the box! Unlike some costly mobile printing subscription services and complicated apps, the Lantronix xPrintServer automatically translates documents from the cloud into their print-ready formats.

Embedded Solutions – As well as stand-alone devices, Lantronix also provides a variety of embedded solutions including:

– Development Kits
– System on Modules (SoM)
– Single Board Computers
– Embedded Servers
– Embedded Gateways
– System on Chip (SoC)
– GNSS Receivers

In August 2021, Transition Networks and Net2Edge were aquired by Lantronix Inc. As Sol Distribution are official partners of Lantronix, Transition Networks, and Net2Edge, our customers will not be affected at all. You can continue to order Lantonix, Transition Networks and Net2Edge products from Sol Distribution as you always have. You can read more here: Lantronix Completes Acquisition of Transition Networks and Net2Edge.

You can find out more about Transition Networks’ solutions here>>

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