Government/Public Sector

Digital Transformation in the workplace as well as in our everyday lives, has raised our expectations of what we expect from government. From connected apps, to access government and healthcare resources, to easy-to-access fast Wi-Fi in public buildings, the public expects their interaction with public services to be as seamless as it is in every other aspect of their lives. In a landscape of funding cuts, implementing, maintaining, and improving public services, on-time and on-budget, is becoming increasingly challenging.

At Sol Distribution we have a wealth of experience of working with some of the UK’s specialist public sector systems integrators to implement every size of government project, from small branch office network implementations, to large, multi-department, Central Government projects spanning several years.

A photograph of the houses of parliament, indicative of government and the public sector in the UK

Transform the public services experience

Digital transformation in the public sector is essential to provide modern services to citizens. Are you a city, a local or central government agency, a public safety or defence organisation looking to transform?

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise public sector solutions for digital citizen experience, connected and sustainable cities, next generation public safety and connected defence will help you comply with strict requirements and provide a secure experience.

  • Connect citizens with  friendly, safe, digital interactions
  • Power connected cities and communities for sustainable living
  • Anticipate emergencies to keep citizens safe
  • Transform defence to better protect citizens and military staff

How do ALE digital government solutions help the public sector?

  • Digital workspaces power public service continuity and citizen focus
  • Collaboration tools enable better coordination between services or teams
  • Easy to use tools accelerate the adoption of new ways of work

Case Study: The Scottish Government

In 2020, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Sol Distribution, Computacenter and Freedom Communications, a GCI Group Company, joined forces to develop and secure the Scottish Government network infrastructure for their agencies and their users.

Scotland has a population of over 5 million people. Scotland’s government is responsible for addressing the daily concerns of the Scottish people and their digital experience is key to solving issues. The Scottish Government is transforming its network infrastructure to meet the connectivity needs of their customers and their institutions.

The Scottish Government network serves several core government departments and agencies in Scotland and abroad. The network infrastructure supports core departments, such as Justice and Education, all central core government services, and nearly 40 public sector agencies. The network operates in Scotland and beyond, from Dublin, to London and Brussels. The first objective was to centralise network management to offer secure and consistent services to all agencies.

“The robust nature of our network infrastructure has ensured we can confidently support over 40 public services agencies in Scotland. Organisations like Food Standard Scotland, Transport Scotland, Marine Scotland, Forestry Scotland all use our desktop solution underpinned by Alcatel-Lucent technology” said Mark Hagart.

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network solution offered the security, simplicity, resilience and scalability that the Scottish Government demanded.

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UPS solutions for educational establishments, healthcare facilities, government and council buildings and hospitality environments

With years of experience working within the public sector CertaUPS has an unparalleled understanding of the sophisticated requirements that many public sector environments demand. CertaUPS is also expertly versed in the complex bidding process, and will assist at every stage of the tender.

Applications supported by CertaUPS backup power servers:

  • Servers
  • Lighting
  • Fire suppression
  • Air conditioning
  • Switchgear


Critical power systems extend far beyond just protecting IT related loads to CCTV, access control, emergency lighting, and lifts amongst others. All of these things require resilient UPS systems to ensure no costly and inconvenient downtime.

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Network visibility solutions for government organisations

Government organisations are continually driven to deliver better public services at increasingly lower costs while maintaining regulatory compliance and improving resources’ sustainability. Digital first digital transformation strategies are being deployed to achieve those objectives and to increase the number of IT projects that deliver successful outcomes.

Here’s a list of solutions Cubro thrive in delivering on behalf of government organisations:

  • SIP and RTP Filtering
  • Data Enrichment for Geo Location
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • DNS Traffic Analysis
  • Packet Slicing & Data Masking
  • IMSI Filtering
  • Protocol Stripping
  • Keyword & Regex Search
  • Deduplication
  • Probing Solution

Digital transformation initiatives introduce new network blind spots

Digital transformation can include a combination of multiple network domains, including on-premise, and public and private cloud, to deliver services to internal service users as well as external public users. Multiple technologies from multiple vendors are often deployed to deliver the best commercial and technical solutions but they  increase the challenge to successfully deliver reliable and secure services. Digital transformation also increases the organisation’s reliance on the network and at the same time introduces new incremental network blind spots and security attack vectors that increase the risk of network performance, security and planning threats.

Remove blind spots to improve network performance, security and planning

Complete network visibility across all network domains is critical for their successful performance, security and planning as well as supporting the successful deployment and operation of digital transformation projects to deliver services. Cubro’s solutions remove network blind-spots to reduce the risk of network performance and planning threats, strengthen network security posture, and improve network availability and business continuity.

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Secure remote technology for government agencies

National and local government agencies must balance limited budgets with the need to provide mission-critical services and communications for their communities. Whether it’s military communications for mobile command centres, security, and surveillance to protect citizens at public events, or broadband service for local communities, government agencies are challenged with evolving their networks to deliver secure, reliable, higher-performing services, while leveraging their aging infrastructure.

Network performance and distance limitations of existing copper infrastructure inhibit agencies from operating effectively and budget constraints prohibit building new fibre infrastructure, which is very resource-intensive. Alternatively, integrating fibre into existing copper infrastructure is a cost-effective solution to increasing security and network performance. And, for government agencies the protection of information, security, and prevention of wiretapping is crucial.

Fibre optics reduce security concerns while increasing the performance, bandwidth, and durability of your network. Lantronix products enable the benefits of fibre while maintaining Ethernet networking which maximises network element re-use within a familiar network protocol.

Out-of-band management for government and public sector agencies

Lantronix has been providing networking technology to government institutions for over three decades and also offer a full range of Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) data center products and software for securely and remotely monitoring and managing IT equipment. In addition to OOMB products, Lantronix is also a leading provider of cellular router and gateway products that make it possible to connect and manage virtually any electronic device over a network or the Internet.

Lantronix also offers embedded solutions for the development, connectivity, and production of high-performance and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) products. Developers can start with Lantronix’s versatile development kits to jumpstart their product development of a vertical market-specific solution such as drones, robotics, wearables, smart cities, and more! With cutting-edge technology and solutions, Lantronix’s robust portfolio of embedded servers and gateways simplifies and streamlines smart connected products to market.