CertaUPS is a global provider of uninterruptible power supplies

CertaUPS is an internationally acclaimed Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer. It is committed to supporting the channel with industry leading UPS systems, technical critical power support and warranties, which it offers through its global network of partners.

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Drawing on over 20 years of industry experience, CertaUPS has an unparalleled knowledge of the emergency power market. Certa are committed to always being ahead of the curve in terms of power protection technologies, which allows the company to deliver leading edge solutions for a wide range of industry sectors including healthcare, retail, councils, IT, telecoms and data centres, including all of the following organisations:

  ADT   DHL   Liebert
  AEG   E.ON   Marks & Spencer
  AT&T   Ericsson   Morrisons
  Avaya   G4S   NEC
  Bank of England   HP   NHS
  BBC   JCB   O2
  Belkin   Kendall Howard   Panasonic
  BT   Lidl   Samsung



Single Phase

  Line interactive and online double conversion, 800VA TO 20kVA
  Key applications: Small office networks, EPOS, CCTV, IT severs and networks and small data centre environments.

CertaUPS single phase backup power solutions have been designed exclusively to deliver industry leading resilience. Known worldwide for their cutting edge technology and superior component structure, single phase CertaUPS power protection systems deliver on reliability, flexibility and affordability. View Products

Three Phase

  Online double conversion, 10kVA – 30kVA
  Key applications: Server rooms, data centres and industrial.

Designed and engineered to the highest quality and performance standards CertaUPS three phase backup power systems deliver leading edge efficiency. They come with a considerably smaller footprint than other comparable three phase UPS systems on the market. The CertaUPS three phase C800 delivers the very latest topologies and impressive high efficiency.View Products


CertaUPS systems are ideal for a wide range of applications. CertsUPS’s extensive range of backup power systems currently support numerous IT installations, IP based telecoms systems, operating theatres and 24/7 security environments.

Commercial Office

For businesses that rely on IT and telecoms. For small to medium size business any power disturbance such as power grid fluctuations and complete outages affect commercial offices just as much as they impact large corporate centres. The CertaUPS range of single phase UPS solutions are ideal for small business applications, EPOS, CCTV, cloud based computing and general office equipment. CertaUPS has focused on ensuring it offers lowest cost of ownership coupled with leading class reliability, usability and manageability.

Commercial applications supported by CertaUPS backup power:
  Server Racks
  PC Stations

Information Technology

Demand for technology has never been greater.It is central to all modern business communication and any loss in power could cause costly downtime and damage expensive IT equipment. Reliable, unfailing power to network and sever rooms is more critical than ever. Thousands rely on CertaUPS. CertaUPS power protection solutions not only provide essential backup power in the event of a mains failure but also ensure even supply when utility power is prone to fluctuations.

IT Applications supported by CertaUPS backup power:
  Fire supression
  Air Conditioning


Providing emergency power for the healthcare market carries a responsibility over and above commercial and operational concerns. Patient outcome, recovery and comfort are paramount considerations. Therefore, it is also vital that the medical UPS systems and batteries all adhere to very specific regulations and are fully compliant in such critical environments.

Medical applications supported by CertaUPS backup power:
  IPS (Isolated Power Supply)
  Operating Theatre Instrumentation
  Monitoring Equipment

Public Sector

Offering resilient technologies, first-class service and tailored public sector discounts, CertaUPS is the chosen provider across the public sector. From town halls and councils through to the educational facilities and the emergency services – CertaUPS supports them all. With years of experience working within the public sector CertaUPS has an unparalleled understanding of the sophisticated requirements that many public sector environments demand. CertaUPS is also expertly versed in the complex bidding processes and will assist at every stage of the tender.

Applications supported by CertaUPS backup power
  Fire Supression
  Air Conditioning


Businesses are having to integrate much more sophisticated levels of security. These range from automated locking systems through to 24/7 CCTV and intruder alarms. All of these applications require a continuous supply of power to ensure optimum security operation. These include advanced remote monitoring software for PC, iOS and android. The added battery capacity of CertaUPS backup power solutions offer increased autonomy times and sophisticated energy saving modes.

Applications supported by CertaUPS backup power
  Intruder Alarm System
  Motion Detection Systems
  Smoke Alarms
  Fire Supression
  Keyless Entry Systems
  Roller Shutter Doors


The telecoms industry has grown dramatically in sophistication. Known to be the most profitable invention in US history, our reliance on telephony is staggering. The technology within the telecoms sector continues to surpass expectations and our growing dependence on these systems has resulted in a greater necessity for constant power. The sensitive nature of telephony means that the slightest power disturbance can affect even the most high-tech equipment. CertaUPS power protection solutions not only provide essential backup power in the event of a mains failure but also ensures the clean, uninterrupted power is continuously supplied.

Applications supported by CertaUPS backup power
  Digital IP

Product Comparison Tables CertaUPS vs APC vs Eaton

Comparison table – CertaUPS C60-800 vs APC BX800CI

Comparison table – CertaUPS C400R-030-B vs APC SMT3000RM12UC vs Eaton 9SX3000IR

Comparison table – CertaUPS C550R-060-12 vs APC SRT6KRMXLI vs Eaton 9PX6KIBP

CertaUPS Reseller Guide

CertaUPS Reseller Guide

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