Sangoma EHS30 Headset Adapter

Sangoma EHS30 Headset Adapter

Sangoma EHS30 Headset Adapter (PHON-ACCS-EHS30-SNG).

The Sangoma EHS30 Wireless Headset Adapter is as an essential accessory for individuals using Sangoma desk phones. Functioning as a wireless adapter, the EHS30 facilitates the connection between Sangoma desk phones and wireless headsets equipped with electronic hook switch capabilities.

This device empowers users to manage off-hook, talk, and on-hook modes directly from the headset. Positioned between the Sangoma Phone and the wireless headset base unit, the EHS Adapter enables seamless control.

An overview of the Sangoma EHS30 Headset Adapter includes the EHS30 Headset Adapter unit, a 3.5mm DC jack, an RJ12 cord, and an RJ45 cord, all packaged together.