D-Link DXS-3610-54S/SI 10G L3 Switch

48-port 10G SFP+. 6-port 100G QSFP28 interfaces switch with Standard Image with 2 full load front-to-back AC PSUs and 5 front-to-back fan modules Layer 3 Stackable 10G Managed Switches
– 48 x 1/10 GbE SFP/SFP+ ports
– 6 x 40/100 GbE QSFP+/QSFP28 ports
– Switching Capacity 2.16 Tbps
– Physical Stacking up to 12 switches in a stack. up to 1200G stacking bandwidth. Virtual Stacking/Clustering of up to 32 units
– L3 Features: Static Routing (Max. 1K IPv4 entries. Max. 512 IPv6 entries). IP Interface (supports 256 interfaces). IPv6 Tunnelling. IPv6 Neighbour Discovery (ND). ARP (512 Static ARP. Supports Gratuitous ARP). IP Helper
– L2 Features: Spanning Tree Protocol: 802.1D STP. 802.1w RSTP. 802.1s MSTP. L2 Protocol Tunnelling. RSPAN mirroring. Port Mirroring. Flow Mirroring. Flow Control. – Multi-Chassis Ling Aggregation Group (MLAG). 802.1AX Ling Aggregation (Max. 32 groups per device. 12 ports per group). Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERP). 288K MAC address table and Jumbo Frame up to 9416 Bytes
– L3 Routing: Supports hardware routing entries shared by IPv4/IPv6 (Max. 32K IPv4 entries. Max. 16K IPv6 entries). Supports hardware L3 forwarding entries shared by IPv4/IPv6 (Max. 144K IPv4 entries. Max. 144K IPv6 entries). Route Redistribution. Graceful Restart (GR) Helper. Policy Based Route. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD). OSPF (OSPFv2/v3). RIP (RIPv1/v2. RIPng). VRRPv2/v3
– L2 Multicast: IGMP Snooping. PIM Snooping. MLD Snooping. L2 Multicast Filtering
– VLAN: Private VLAN. ISM VLAN (Multicast VLAN). GVRP. VLAN Group (Max. 4K static VLAN groups. Max. 4094VIDs). VLAN Translation. VLAN Trunking. MAC-based VLAN. Port-based VLAN. Double VLAN (Q-in-Q). 802.1v Protocol-based VLAN. 802.1Q
– AAA: Web-based Access Control (WAC). MAC-based Access Control (MAC). Compound Authentication. Microsoft NAP. Authentication Database Failover. Trusted Host. Guest VLAN. 802.1X Authentication (Identity-driven Policy (VLAN/ACL/QoS) Assignment. Supports port-based access control. Supports host-based access control. Dynamic VLAN assignment
– Quality of Service (QoS) – Congestion Control (WRED). Bandwidth Control. Committed Information Rate (CIR). Queue handling. 8 queues per port. 802.1p QoS. Three Colour Marker (trTCM. srTCM)
– Access Control List (ACL). RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication
– Management: Web-based GUI. CLI. Telnet Server/Client. TFTP Client. FTP Client. Traffic Monitoring. SNMP (Supports v1/v2c/v3). SNMP Trap. System Log. DHCP Client. DHCP Server. DHCP Relay options 12. 60. 61. 82. Multiple Image. Multiple Configuration. Flash File System. Microsoft® Network Load Balancing (NLB). Switch Resource Management (SRM). sFlow. DNS Resolver. CPU Monitoring. MTU Setting. Traceroute and Ping. DNS Relay. SMTP. DHCP Auto Configuration. SNTP. RCP (Remote Copy Protocol). RMONv1. RMONv2. Trusted Host. Password encryption. Debug command. IPv6 Stateless Address Auto-configuration (SLAAC). D-Link Discover Protocol (DDP). D-Link License Management System (DLMS). OpenFlow v1.3
– Security: Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast Storm Control. D-Link Safeguard Engine. SSH (supports v2. supports IPv4/v6 access). SSL (support TLS 1.2. supports IPv4/v6 access). ARP Spoofing Prevention (Max. 64 entries). BPDU Attack Protection. DOS Attack Prevention. IP-MAC-Port Binding (IMPB). DHCP Server Screening. Dynamic ARP Inspection. IP Source Guard. DHCP Snooping. IPv6 Snooping. DHCPv6 Guard. IPv6 Route Advertisement (RA) Guard. Traffic segmentation
– MTBF 94.262 hours
– Ventilation: 5 x fans. Acoustics Max 79.4 dB(A). Min 65.3 dB(A)
– Weight 9.80 kg
– 19-inch standard rack-mount width. 1U height. Dimension 441×487.44×43.5mm

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D-Link DXS-3610-54S/SI 10G L3 Switch

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