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Industry-leading wire data analysis without breaking the bank ​

The Observer Platform from VIAVI Solutions allows IT teams to monitor network traffic and in turn determine where any problems may lie, or how to improve performance using high-fidelity forensics, end-user experience insight, and automated workflows. ObserverONE can deliver 10 Gbps stream-to-disk speeds, 10 Gbps of network metadata, and 10K flows per second, offering optimal security and performance management at a cost-effective price point.

The Problem

Service Providers and Enterprise organisations face an ever-increasing volume of applications, connected devices and data. As a result, the entire network ecosystem has become increasingly complex and more challenging to manage. They must now find a way to consistently improve performance across the network environment, scale to meet demand, and upgrade to the latest technologies. All, while driving greater innovation, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

The Solution – High Fidelity Performance and Threat Visibility

ObserverONE from VIAVI is a comprehensive all-in-one network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) solution ideal for maintaining peak performance of all IT services and pinpointing and preventing threats to the network.

Network Performance Monitoring

ObserverONE delivers multi-dimensional end-user experience scoring on every transaction, real-time site-based dashboards, and pre-engineered workflows with deep data visibility for comprehensive operational awareness, fast problem resolution, and powerful forensic investigations.

Network Security

Stop hackers with the VIAVI real-time threat hunting and security breach remediation solutions. Designed for enterprise networks, the ObserverONE solution analyses traffic behaviour over time and stores conversations to provide a unique incident response process plan.

Zero to Functional in Minutes, not Months

Traditionally, deploying a network performance and monitoring tool can take months. ObserverONE challenges this paradigm by making implementation a breeze right out of the box. With its small footprint, easy learning curve, and all-in-one packaging, ObserverONE’s industry leading wire data and flow-based analysis can be up and in running in no time.

Solution Overview

Using a combination of packet data, flow data and advanced analytics, the Observer solution provides:

End-User Experience Scoring (EUE)

A patent pending, machine learning-based analysis approach that combines dozens of KPIs into a single composite score of performance along with automated identification of the problem domain, track & baseline end-user experience globally, regionally or even at the individual user or server level. EUE scoring takes the guesswork out of root cause analysis and provides the data needed for rapid resolutions.

Automated Workflows

Out-of-the-box and customisable dashboards deliver immediate workflows for business, network and security operations thus streamlining troubleshooting by elevating the expertise of IT staff with clear paths to forensic resolution.

These automated workflows; include both packet and flow analyses; will allow IT departments will be able to quickly navigate to critical insights from devices like VPN concentrators and ports associated with VPN Usage such as OpenVPN (1194) or SSL VPN (TCP/UDP 443, IPsec/IKEv2 UDP 500/4500)

High Fidelity Forensics

This allows the IT or Security Dept to reconstruct any performance or security event and isolate to an individual conversation, flow or packet. This eliminates unnecessary escalations which may normally be based on summarised or aggregated data sets with no forensic value.

In today’s unique environment, where newly remote users may be connected to unsecured networks with devices without endpoint protection having the ability to do this back-in-time analysis in the event of a breach is critical.

How Does ObserverONE do this?

ObserverONE uses Flow data (Netflow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX), packet capture (software or hardware versions), SNMP, syslog and utilises open API from existing infrastructure devices. This allows us to obtain a holistic view of an ever-changing network, thus providing critical visibility. Immediately identify the root cause of an issue (Network, Application, Client or Server) and more importantly, who is being impacted.

ObserverONE embraces information from any infrastructure device, providing unique all-encompassing visibility. By incorporating a scripting engine, we allow multiple vendors to push and pull data between each other. Observer can be the “point of translation” to help reconcile and corroborate separate vendor solutions (e.g. SDWAN and Cloud Provider).

Market Leading Technology

For the 7th year in a row, VIAVI has been recognised as a leader by leading technology research and advisory company Gartner.

Click here to download the report.

Peer Reviews

Gartner Peer Insights is a platform for ratings and reviews of enterprise technology solutions by end-user professionals for end-user professionals.

This is what IT Professionals say about the Viavi Observer Platform:

•  “Extremely effective solution for network analysis and troubleshooting” Lead Infrastructure Engineer

•  “Setup and customization went smoothly and we were up and running very quickly. Great product and it has already helped us with sever issues.” – Senior Network Analyst

•  “Viavi Observer and APEX allows us to sleep at night!” – Network Architect

Case Studies

VIAVI has many use cases from across the world, encompassing a large number of different sectors. The following are all UK-based, but if you would like to see case studies from your country, please ask us and we can provide them.

•  Aardman Animations
•  Capita Secure Information Solutions, Ltd.
•  Home Office UK
•  Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust
•  Leicestershire County Council
•  Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
•  South Yorkshire Police
•  Sussex Health Informatics Service
•  The Pirbright Institute

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