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Viavi Solutions

VIAVI Solutions: Command the Network

Viavi Solutions produce solutions that help network managers to monitor their network traffic, and in turn determine where any problems may lie, or how to improve performance. Viavi Solutions provide users with the multi-dimensional visibility, intelligence, and insight needed to efficiently manage physical and virtual networks and profitably deliver optimum service levels, transition to new technologies, and identify new revenue opportunities.

The company’s solutions enable the highest quality subscriber experience at all times by helping successfully deploy and maintain communications networks, applications and services and proactively optimise performance across the ecosystem.

Viavi’s VoLTE network and service enablement portfolio offers cutting-edge capabilities to measure, monitor, troubleshoot and report the quality of service, quality of experience and network performance and enables monetisation of unique insights.

Service Providers and Enterprise organizations face an ever-increasing volume of applications, connected devices, and data—and end-user behaviour that is continuously changing. As a result, the entire network ecosystem has become increasingly complex and more challenging to manage. They must now find a way to consistently improve performance across the network environment, scale to meet demand, and upgrade to the latest technologies. All, while driving greater innovation, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Harness Complexity with Greater Visibility

Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) helps customers get the most from their networks–regardless of complexity–and push them to the edge of what’s possible. In fact, more than 4000 communications service providers, enterprises, governments, and network equipment manufacturers rely on Viavi to:

  • Gain unparalleled visibility across physical, virtual and hybrid networks
  • Proactively optimize the performance of their infrastructure, network, applications and services
  • Successfully scale operations and transition to next-gen networks
  • Consistently deliver the highest quality-of-experience
  • Unlock the value of network data to enhance service offerings, increase profitability and build differentiation

Viavi’s fully integrated solutions support your network build, turn-up, monitoring, optimization, service-assurance, and revenue-diversification strategies. Through an interoperable portfolio of cloud-enabled instruments and systems, software automation and services, we deliver the end-to-end visibility, intelligence and insight you need to manage the network, applications and services with greater precision. And you gain comprehensive data and analysis about usage patterns and end-user behaviour that can be used to enhance service offerings or create new revenue streams.

Use Actionable Insight to Improve Business Outcomes

Now you get a 360° view across your complete network environment, whether on premise, off premise, or co-located. From the physical to the application layer, from the end-user device to the core, and throughout the network lifecycle–you gain robust, granular information you can act on. No blind spots. This means fewer surprises and costly disruptions, greater interoperability, faster time-to-resolution, and more effective planning and decision making.

Combine this with the ability to streamline workflows, eliminate rework, and fix issues correctly the first time, and your business will thrive with a more empowered and effective technical workforce, allowing them to better serve your customers.

Viavi’s Observer Performance Management Platform

Critical business processes, from project collaboration to product delivery ­are supported at every point by IT services. Failure of the underlying applications and infrastructure is not an option. For IT to be successful, it must have a method of monitoring operations, optimising performance, and validating investments.

If something goes wrong, you need to know whether the problem was caused by your network, systems, or applications. The Observer Performance Management Platform can answer this question faster, more accurately, and more completely than any other solution on the market today. It’s why some of the most successful and well-recognised companies in the world trust the insight of the Observer Platform.

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