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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a leading provider of enterprise communications solutions and services, from the office to the cloud. Building on an established heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, ALE operates globally with 2700+ employees in 100+ countries worldwide, with headquarters near Paris, France.

With communications, networking and cloud solutions for business of all sizes, ALE’s team of technology experts, service professionals, and 2900+ partners serves more than 830,000 customers worldwide, tailoring and adapting solutions and services to local requirements.

The company manufactures products in the following categories:

  • Applications and Unified Communications: Full set of intuitive applications enabling to increase users productivity from any devices, with any media, whatever the context – from the office or on the move.
  • Campus Access Switches: A complete set of stackable LAN access switches with market leading resiliency, embedded security and dynamic network performance tuning for real time application delivery.
  • Campus LAN Core Switches: A new generation of wire-rate 10GbE/40GbE core switches, with market leading port density and switching capacity, reduce the need for oversubscription and prepare your network for future growth.
  • Data Centre Switches: Low-latency, 10/40GbE multipath connectivity-ready switches let enterprises meet current needs while preparing for the future with no costly hardware change-outs.
  • Hardened Ethernet: A ruggedized set of switches, access points and routers that can be deployed and operate reliably in harsh environments and can withstand electromagnetic fields, high vibrations, dust/dirt and high humidity.
  • Enterprise Communication Platforms: IP/SIP communication infrastructure provides the connectivity, communication services, management and security for enterprise communication and collaboration needs.
  • Management: A complete line of management tools including: Network and communications elements, data center fabric management.
  • Phones and Software Clients: Advanced telephony and communication tools offering unprecedented user experience at the desk or on Routers
  • Routers: MPLS switches for private WANs and data center interconnect. Also available are enterprise services routers enabling WAN access while providing a wealth of services from a single box.
  • Wireless: Wireless LAN (WLAN) and instant/access points (I/AP) that support the latest high-speed (IEEE 802.1n) access for small, medium and large networks, as well as unique remote worker features.
  • Products for SMB: Feature rich ecosystem built on an IP communication server, delivering comprehensive services such as mobility, welcome centre, management, home-working, with the relevant network infrastructure.

Why Choose Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise?

ALE make communications and networking technologies affordable, accessible and sustainable. Their cost-effective solutions help organisations embrace new uses and models by enabling multimedia conversations across any device, supported by an Application Fluent Network, from the office to the cloud.

Over 500,000 customers rely on ALE solutions to increase customer satisfaction, employee productivity and operational efficiency.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has a history of proven technology and experience. The company leverages a global team of technology experts, service professionals, and partner ecosystem to meet the unique needs of small business to international companies with tailored offers that address the requirements of various market segments and industries.

Why do so many customers rely on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise?

  • Professional Services – We deliver a comprehensive range of advanced consulting, training, and implementation services to support all types of complex or customized deployments throughout the entire length of your contract.
  • Eco-sustainability– We promote eco-sustainability through our products’ power-saving features, eco-innovation and efficient communications.
  • Extensive Technology Partner Ecosystem  – We deploy best-of-breed networking solutions for today’s application-rich, highly mobile world by working with technology partners and application partners.
  • Openness and compliance – We’re committed to open standards and are active in industry groups developing next-generation standards.
  • Industry-leading innovation – We’re committed to delivering conversation-changing communications and infrastructures that transform how customers and employees communicate.
  • User-centric approach – We put user experience first, and we’ve already paved the way from connectivity and collaboration to rich conversations. Our latest revolutionary personal cloud solutions improve productivity, lower operational costs and enable users to work on any device, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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If you would like more information on any of our products and services, please contact us by clicking the button below, or ring us on +44 (0) 1691 680 830.

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