• WDM & Optical Transport

    WDM & Optical Transport

    Increase Bandwidth/Capacity on Existing Fibre

In fibre-optic communications, wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) is a technology which multiplexes a number of optical carrier signals onto a single optical fibre by using different wavelengths (i.e., colours) of laser light. This technique enables bidirectional communications over one strand of fibre, as well as multiplication of capacity. This enables users (usually carriers)to greatly increase the capacity of existing infrastructure, thereby saving money on upgrades.

The benefits of utilizing CWDM include:

  • Increased Bandwidth/Capacity on Existing Fiber
  • Ability to Mix Multiple Protocols and Network Speeds Over the Same Fiber Infrastructure
  • Completely Passive Solution – No Active Equipment or Complicated Configuration
  • Modular Design Allows For Plug and Play and Expansion Provisioning
  • Attractive Cost
  • Available NOW

MRV Communications offers a complete line of Optical Transport and WDM Solutions for service providers, content delivery networks, datacenter operators, internet exchanges, cloud service providers, and others. Applications range from Enterprise networks to data and storage interconnect, from regional backbones to campus rings. Services from simple T1/E1 service demarcation to complex 100Gbps dynamic ROADM-based wavelengths can be offered with a variety of hardware platforms supported by intelligent and open operational and management software.


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