Understand the potential of Openreach’s New Virtual Dark Fibre Service

Attend ADVAs Openreach Optical Spectrum Access Filter Connect Workshop to understand the potential of Openreach’s New Virtual Dark Fibre Service

On April 3rd 2018, Openreach launched its new UK-wide virtual dark fibre service (Optical Spectrum Access Filter Connect or ‘OSA FC’).

This gives Communication Provides (CPs) and their customers all the key benefits of dark fibre e.g. access to terabit data rates and the freedom to control and increase bandwidth usage at minimal incremental cost, without compromising on service and maintenance levels.  Whilst a fault on dark fibre could take days to discover and repair, Openreach will guarantee a 5 hour repair time on OSA FC.

Want to learn more?

As the supplier to Openreach of OSA FC, ADVA Optical Networking has unrivalled technical knowledge and is in pole position to provide UK CPs and customers with the active equipment to run on top.

Because of this, ADVA is running a series of workshops from Monday 25th June to Friday 13th July that will explain the technical features of the OSA FC service and the benefits of using ADVA optical networking equipment.

Dates & Location

  • Dates:        25th June – 13th July 2018, Mon-Fri, 2 sessions per day
  • Duration:   3 hours per session
  • Venue:      10 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5HP


  1. OSA FC technical overview
  2. Why choose ADVA?
  3. OSA FC demo
  4. ADVA optical product demos

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