Save up to 94% off List in the Transition Networks Summer Sale

Save up to 94% off list on Transition Networks Media Converters, Switches, and Transceivers with the Sol Distribution Summer Sale

With over 25 years of growth and expertise in hardware manufacturing, Transition Networks offers the ability to affordably integrate the benefits of fiber optics into any data network, in any application, in any environment. Offering support for multiple protocols, any interface, and a multitude of hardware platforms; Transition’s portfolio gives you the power to deliver and manage your network traffic reliably over fibre.

Transition Networks’ range of feature-rich media converters transparently connect one type of media to another. By bridging the gap between legacy copper infrastructures and fibre growth, they provide an economical path towards extending the distance of an existing network, extending the life of non-fibre based equipment, or extending the distance between two devices.

As well as this, Transition Networks’ multi-port managed and unmanaged switches are designed to withstand enterprise or hardened applications. The full line of network switches support multiple applications including a complete offering of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) options. Flexible port counts; 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24 port options facilitate ease of network maintenance with unique Auto Power Reset (APR) functionality.

Transition Networks also offers a full line of small form factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers and passive coarse wave division multiplexing (CWDM) filters. Our SFPs support all of our media converters and switches, as well as other media converters that leverage the industry standard MSA design.

Sol Distribution is the leading UK distributor of Transition Networks products and is offering up to 90% off the list price on selected Switches, Media Converters, and Transceivers this Summer. A full list of the products we currently have on offer, is below:

Media Converters

Item No. Item Description List Price Offer Price You Save
E-100BTX-FX-05(LH)-UK Stand-alone Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100MbsTX+FXcvtrLHUKP/S £396.55 £50.00 87%
J/E-CX-TBT-02-UK 10Base-2 TO 10Base-T J-LINE Stand Alone Media Converter £84.70 £60.00 29%
M/E-ISW-FX-01(SM) Media Converter- Industrial Mini 10/100BTX to 100BFX Switch  SC SM  20km £157.85 £42.00 73%
M/E-TX-FX-01(SC)-UK Mini Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100BaseTX TO 100BaseFX SC MM 2KM 3.3V – UK £92.40 £35.00 62%
M/E-TX-FX-01(SM)-UK Mini Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100BaseTX TO 100BaseFX SC SM 20KM 3.3V – UK £138.60 £35.00 75%
M/GE-T-SFP-01-UK Mini Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter 1000BaseT TO 1000BaseX SFP W/UK £219.45 £35.00 84%
SBFTF1011-105-UK Stand-alone Fast Ethernet Media and Rate Converter 10/100BTX to 100BFX  1X9  ST MM  3.3V- UK £196.35 £130.00 34%
SGPOE1013-100-UK Stand-alone Gigabit Ethernet PoE Media Converter 10/100/1000Base-T PoE PSE to 1000Base-X – UK £442.75 £75.00 83%
SGPOE1040-100-UK Stand-alone Gigabit Ethernet PoE Media Converter 10/100/1000B-TX(POE) TO 10/1000B-X SFP SW- UK £396.55 £75.00 81%
TN-USB3-SX-01(SC) Media Converter USB3.0 TO 1000BASE-SX ETHERNET SC MM 3.3V £261.80 £157.00 40%
TN-USB3-SX-01(LC) Media Converter USB3.0 TO 1000BASE-SX ETHERNET LC MM 3.3V £292.60 £175.00 40%
TN-USB3-SFP-01 Media Converter USB3.0 TO 100/1000BASE-X ETHERNET SFP £227.15 £135.00 41%
AP-GET-SFP-01 Mini SFP Media Converter 10/100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X £122.43 £73.50 40%
SSRFB1011-100-UK Stand-alone Fast Ethernet Remotely Managed Media Converter 10/100Base-TX (RJ-45) [100 m/328 ft.]  to 100Base-FX 1300nm multimode ST [2 km/1.2 mi.] Link Budget: 11.0 dB £388.85 £94.51 76%
CGFEB1014-120 Point System Slide-In-Module Media Converter 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ-45) [100 m]to 1000Base-LX 1310nm single mode (SC)[10 km/6.2 mi.] Link Budget: 7.0 dB £931.70 £52.25 94%
SPOEB1013-100-UK Power-Over-Ethernet PSE Media Converter  10/100BTX to 100BFX  SC MM 3.3V- UK £288.75 £26.33 91%

Network Interface Cards

Item No. Item Description List Price GBP Offer Price GBP You Save
N-FXE-LC-02 Network Interface Card- 100Base-FX NIC  PCle  LC MM  2KM  STD/LOW PROFILE  PXE £165.55 £80.00 52%
N-FX-ST-03 Network Interface Card- 100Base FX PCI-NIC W/PXE BOOT (ST MM 3.3V) £83.93 £25.00 70%
PCM32-FX-ST-01 Network Interface Card- 100Base-FX PCMCIA CARD  32-BIT  ST MM  2KM £215.60 £112.56 48%


Item No. Item Description List Price GBP Offer Price GBP You Save
SISTP1011-141-LRT Unmanaged Hardened Fast Ethernet PoE Switch (4) 10/100Base-TX Ports + (1) 100Base-FX Port £481.25 £75.00 84%


Item No. Item Description List Price GBP Offer Price GBP You Save
TN-GLC-SX-MM Transceiver- SFP  CC  1000Base-SX  MM LC  550M  3.3V £50.05 £15.00 70%

Point System Slide-in Modules

Item No. Item Description List Price GBP Offer Price GBP You Save
CPSMM-200 Dual Slot Master Management Module £404.25 £39.39 90%
CPSMM-210 Single Slot Expansion Management Module [Class B] Used in expansion chassis whenstacking multiple Point System™ Chassis. Can be used with the 19, 18, 13, 8  or 2-SlotPoint System™ Chassis. £211.75 £20.81 90%
CPSMP-180-UK AC Redundant Power Supply UK £96.25 £8.28 91%

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Sol Distribution is the UK’s leading distributor of Transition Networks connectivity solutions. If there is something you don’t see here that you’d like a quote on, please email us by clicking the contact button or ring us on +44 (0)1691 680 830.

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