Sol Distribution Statement on Alan Gould and Gen-X IT

Following the conclusion of the recent court case involving former Sol Distribution Director Alan Gould in which he was accused of selling counterfeit Cisco Products at a previous company, Managing Director Graeme Sutton has issued the following statement:

“We are glad this investigation is over, and we are finally able to comment on this case and the people involved. Over the past 2 years there has been a dark cloud hanging over Sol Distribution due to our previous association with the people involved in this case.

Some may have wrongly suspected that we might have been involved in the trading of counterfeit or grey market goods, and it was for this reason that Alan Gould was asked to resign as a director and cease all involvement with Sol Distribution in 2016 when the details came to light.

In the meantime we have helped Cisco with their enquiries and satisfied them that Sol Distribution has never, or will never be involved in the trading of counterfeit or grey market goods. We consider these sorts of practices damaging to the market and welcome action from vendors such as Cisco in stamping them out.”

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