Increase Customer Engagement with Location-Based Services from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

The OmniAccess Stellar LBS suite offers three game-changing location features to empower your company, broaden your services, gain insightful analytics and help you make better decisions.

OmniAccess Stellar LBS provides more than just navigation inside airports, hospitals, hotels, and university campuses. It’s the foundation of multiple innovative services such as:

  • Proximity marketing for restaurant and retail promotions
  • Automated information messages and emergency notifications
  • Smart parking
  • Location sharing
  • Finding points of interest with turn-by-turn directions
  • Staff mobilisation and coordination

Additionally, OmniAccess Stellar LBS offers in-depth location analytics to better understand people flow, dwell time, area utilisation and concentration. Combining these exclusive features can help organisations improve processes, optimise customer engagement, and fine tune service delivery.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning is a key feature that can turn a smartphone into an indoor GPS device. It creates valuable services in your mobile app, such as wayfinding, turn-by-turn navigation, friend finders, remember my parking spot, share a point of interest, and more. ALE uses the OmniAccess Stellar BLE Beacon to provide static location information to a smartphone.

ALE positioning technology has been optimised for a wide range of use cases. It leverages a unique hybrid ‘fusion engine’ technology, intelligently combining data from the environment and embedded smartphone sensors: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, location map…

Offering unparalleled accuracy and a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor locations (important in large campuses), this technology also minimises smartphone battery use.


Geofencing sends an alert to a mobile application based on the user’s location. Geofencing alerts can be triggered by different events such as when a user enters, exits or remains in a defined sone. With the OmniAccess Stellar LBS Suite, geofencing areas are simply drawn on the map from the Cloud Manager platform, then synchronised and executed by the Stellar LBS SDK inside the mobile app.

Some typical examples of geofencing services include:

  • Proximity Marketing: With push notifications on a mobile phone, you can engage with visitors easily. The visitor simply opts in to benefit from any coupons or downloads the application offers.
  • Delivering information: When the user approaches a point of interest, a product or a work of art, the geofencing service makes it possible to engage with them through contextualised, targeted messages.
  • Zone entrance and detection: The powerful location engine embedded in the SDK combined with beacons placed in strategic locations allows very accurate detection of visitor entry and exit from virtual zones. This type of service allows better management of movements and optimised traffic management. Often implemented in corporate venues to monitor room occupancy, entrance and exit detection offers high added value.


All indoor location data is yours to use, and you can view it in the Cloud Manager platform. The analytics aggregated here provide a variety of statistics (number, duration, frequency of visits…) so you can:

  • Analyse the behavior of your users – evaluating traffic, monitoring movements, studying flows
  • Manage the flows within an enclosed space such as an office or meeting room and its usage to optimise and tailor your products and services
  • Measure the impact and ROI of your mobile marketing campaigns
  • Optimise and adapt your space as part of a continuous improvement strategy

OmniAccess Stellar BLE Beacons Datasheet

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