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Sol Distribution was recently named CertaUPS New Partner of the Year for 2021. To celebrate, we are offering free shipping, free site surveys and free trials on all CertaUPS uninterruptable power supplies until the end of Q1.

The CertaUPS range of uninterruptable power systems are used by some of the largest companies in the UK including NHS Trusts, leading retailers, and the Bank of England, and represent a significant cost saving over the market-leading brand.

Reasons why you should consider CertaUPS:

  30-50% saving over comparable APC units
  Industry leading 3-year warranty
  Over £2m of UK stock, available for immediate shipping
  Test units available
  Free site surveys
  Free technical demos
  Free shipping

So if you buy UPS for your projects, let Sol Distribution provide you with a comparative quote to see how much extra margin you could make. For more information, please visit the CertaUPS page on our website, or check out the comparison tables or reseller guide below.

Product Comparison Tables CertaUPS vs APC vs Eaton

Comparison table – CertaUPS C60-800 vs APC BX800CI

Comparison table – CertaUPS C400R-030-B vs APC SMT3000RM12UC vs Eaton 9SX3000IR

Comparison table – CertaUPS C550R-060-12 vs APC SRT6KRMXLI vs Eaton 9PX6KIBP

CertaUPS Reseller Guide

CertaUPS Reseller Guide

CertaUPS C200-2000 line interactive 2000VAC200, Line Interactive, 1000-2000VA

The C200 UPS produces a pure sinewave output making it perfect for supporting critical loads. It includes AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) as standard, making them extremely effective in poor mains supply conditions.

CertaUPS C300R-030-B line interactive rackmount 3000VAC300R, Line Interactive, 1000-3000VA

The C300R range only takes 2U of rack space in a rackmount form and includes internal batteries for standard runtimes.

CertaUPS C400-030-C online double conversion 2000VA (charger)C400, Online Double Conversion, 1000-3000VA

The C400 series presents the next generation of true online double conversion UPS solutions. Featuring enhanced DSP design for improved precision and reliable control, the C400 range is the most reliable of its kind.

CertaUPS C400R-030-C online double conversion rackmount 3000VA (charger)C400R, Online Double Conversion, 1000-3000VA

Delivering superior performance, the C400R range encompasses online double conversion technology for ultimate power protection. It has been designed to offer maximum user flexibility and affordability.

CertaUPS C550-100-C online double conversion 10kVAC550, Online Double Conversion, 6-10kVA

The C550 achieves ultimate efficiency thanks to its unity power factor. Additional flexibility is achieved for the C550 through its sophisticated design and the ability to connect up to 4 UPS units in parallel to share the critical load and provide the required level of redundancy.

CertaUPS C550R-100-C online double conversion rackmount 10kVAC550R, Online Double Conversion, 6-10kVA

When positioned in a rackmount form, the C550R has a capacity of 6kVA/5.4kW contained within 3U and 10kVA/9kW contained within 5U. The C550R includes internal batteries providing standard runtimes. For a more resilient solution, an additional UPS unit can also be connected in parallel to share the critical load or provide N+1 redundancy.

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